WINMPEG GUI, very useful to convert videos


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WinFF offers you a Graphic Interface for FFMPEG, a very powerful and popular tool used to burn, convert and share video but that has to be used in text mode.

WinFF puts in your hands all the power of FFMPEG throughout an intuitive graphic interface, so you will be able to take the most out of your fvorite video converter even if you are a newbie.

Now that we have WinFF, it is very easy to convert any video. Chose the video or videos you want to convert, choose the output format and change some setting to make it suit your needs and press the GO button. That's all.

Audio and video bitrate, dimensions, quality,...

WinFF supports: 3GP, AC3, FLV, H264, MPEG-2, MP4, DVD, SVCD, VCD, MOV and WMV.

The result is excellent: Good quality, good size and very good conversion speed.
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